Virus Detection and Prevention Tips

Check your IP If someone thinks you may be sending them virus emails, you can compare your IP address to the address of the server (the worm's email engine) listed in the email headers.

Spyware Scanners
Spybot Search & Destroy
Lavasoft Ad-Aware (Main site in Germany)
These programs remove "spyware" from your PC. Spyware is software that reports data back to some home server without your knowledge. This data is generally used for advertising, and the exact data collected varies with each program. Besides actual spyware, there are other types of "malware" out there now. These are just generally bad programs which often are installed without your knowledge. Some programs use third-party advertising functions to support the free program, so removing all the stuff detected by one of these scanners could break programs that you want to use. It's best to make a backup before changing anything, and/or fix only one thing at a time (so you know which fix caused which program to break, and can easily undo it). Also note that there are some imitation spyware removers out there now. They often copy the names of these two, and some actually contain spyware themselves. While there may be other valid ones out there, these are the only two I recommend.

Virus Scanner Updates
McAfee SuperDAT
Dr. Solomon
eSafe (Aladdin)

Free Virus Scanner Programs
AntiVir Personal Edition
AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

Free Online Virus Scanners

McAfee Stinger tool

Symantec Klez/Elkern removal tool

Virus Information Library

"Jdbgmgr.exe" hoax
This is a total hoax. JDBGMGR.EXE is a file used in Java programming. Unless you are a Java developer, deleting this file probably won't cause any problems. However, it is not a virus. It is possible for this file to become infected by a virus (just like any other program could), but the presence of the file on your system is completely normal, and it should not be deleted unless an up-to-date virus scanner says it's infected by some virus and can't be cleaned.


Variant of W32/Magistr.a@MM