IE-style Icons for Firefox and Thunderbird

These programs will create special icons (like the Internet Explorer icon) for Firefox and Thunderbird on your desktop. They are NSIS "installers" which simply add some registry entries to your system. I started working on these after a thread on the MozillaZine forums. The original poster's special icons don't really do much, other than turn the regular shortcuts into special icons. They get rid of the shortcut arrows, but don't really add any new functionality.

My icon creation programs will create the base icon as well as providing some other options. These provide easier access to features that users may want.

All of these are available from inside the programs or through other shortcuts. However, these icons make the options more readily available. These icons could also be handy for people who don't use installer builds, but still want an icon.

The programs themselves look in a few registry keys in an attempt to locate your installation. Depending on what versions you've installed with what methods, the install location may be missing or incorrect. Please verify that the installer is using the correct location before you let it create the icon. The installer takes that location and creates the registry settings needed to make an icon that points there. After the program is done, you may need to refresh your desktop (press F5) to get them to show up.

If you decide you don't want the icon anymore, you can simply right-click and choose to delete it. If you want to remove everything related to it from your registry, there are a few keys you need to delete. I don't feel that using the uninstall capability of NSIS is the best way to handle this, because you'd have to save the uninstaller as well as the installation details in the registry in order to be able to uninstall it later. I will probably make separate uninstallers to remove all related registry stuff, but here are the keys you need to delete to manually remove everything.

The GUID for the Firefox icon is 6C27B62A-A59F-434A-9D93-C4DFFB764AB4. The GUID for the Thunderbird icon is 258E78D6-70B6-11D9-AAC8-91EC5E497716. Those two locations are the only places these programs add anything to your registry. Deleting those keys (and all entries under them) will completely remove anything added by the program.

Firefox Icon Creator
Thunderbird Icon Creator
Firefox Icon Creator NSIS script
Thunderbird Icon Creator NSIS script
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